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University of Mount Union students gathering on campus

Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is committed to assisting in the preparation of Mount Union students for meaningful work, fulfilling lives and responsible citizenship through engaging and intentional co-curricular activities, programs, services, and partnerships. Through immersed participation, training, practice, and reflection, Mount Union students will gain skills that will complement academic endeavors and further enable success after graduation.

Meaningfully involved students know education happens both inside and outside of the classroom. They balance classroom experiences with immersion in student organization leadership, athletic and/or intramural competition, engagement in community service or philanthropic opportunities, living on campus or in the community, acting in a theatre production, or performing as part of a music ensemble. Meaningfully involved students know they can't do everything, but the things they intentionally choose to do, they do well because they're committed to their experience here.

Meaningfully involved students attest to the learning acquired and the satisfaction experienced through their college involvement. Combining the skills developed through co-curricular involvement, with the knowledge gained in the classroom, Mount Union graduates are prepared for meaningful work, fulfilling lives and responsible citizenship.

Whatever the interest, there is an organization or opportunity available. To learn more about our programs and how we can help you become an actively involved student, please visit the other links on this site, or contact us at the information provided to the page.